5 Best Robot movies | Hollywood

Robot or sci-fi movies are my favorite. It’s just not me, there are lots of such film lovers. I used to search for these movies lots of times. I will list 5 robot movies, you’ll love to watch.

1. Ex Machina

Ex Machina

Ex machina is a sci-fi movie based on Robots. This movie is released in 2014. This movie tells us how an addiction becomes fatal for a person. You can watch Ex Machina movie in Amazon Prime and Hulu.

2. I Robot

I Robot

In this movie, all the Robots goes against humanity except the one Robot. This movie released in 2004. This movie is available in Amazon Prime and DisneyPlus.

3. Alien Covenant


Alien Covenant is one of the my favorite movie. This movie is based on Aliens as well as Robots. You can watch this movie on Google TV, Hotstar and Disney Plus.

4. Chappie


Chappie is the name of a robot in this movie who is also a police droid. Chappie is stolen by some criminals. After the upgradation, Chappie is able to think and feel like a human. This movie is available on Netflix.

5. RoboCop


As it name implies, In this movie RoboCop is a Human droid who is half machine and half human. He solves the complex cases easily with his AI mind. Robocop is available at Prime video.

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