5 Best cheap VPS Hosting services in 2023

Are you tired of searching for cheap VPS hosting? So now your search is over. Today I will list 5 best cheap VPS Hosting providers.


TIME4VPS servers are located in Vilnius. Their servers are very cheap even without any discount. However, many times a year you get discounts ranging from 50% to 75% here. But their discount are not recurring so you should buy atleast for two years.

2. Racknerd

This web hosting company has datacenters in many regions. Their Black Friday sale is valid for the whole year.

3. Dedipath

Dedipath offer discounts multiple times in a year. But still their servers are very cheap.

4. AlexHost

AlexHost provides DMCA ignored VPS and servers with cheap pricing.

5. ServaRICA

If you want any backup storage for your server or website or your personal data, then you can do this web hosting. Their 1 TB storage plans start at $29.