Why you should start gardening now – Benefits

Gardening is the process of growing various types of plants for flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs etc.

Most probably some of you are thinking but I don’t have a garden. But my friend, having garden isn’t necessary. Most of the people start gardening on their terrace and believe me they don’t buy vegetables from outside.

Why you need gardening ?

Some months , we were inside our home due to covid-19 lock down and I realize that we should decrease our dependency on others. Most important things are food and medicines. If we start gardening, we can self dependent for foods and herbs. As I told, you don’t need to have a garden. If you have a yard, you can start here otherwise start on your terrace.

Benefits of gardening

  • You’ll get fresh and cool air.
  • You’ll get fresh vegetables, fruits.
  • Gardening is also beneficial for you health. You feels relaxed after gardening.
  • It also gives you financial support because it saves you from buying costly vegetables.

If you want to start gardening and don’t know how to start then you can read some articles or watch videos about it. However you can visit commonsensehome for a guidance. If you have any other suggestions you can comment below.