Should you go for VPS hosting?

Before starting you should know what is VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

In VPS hosting, you will get a virtual server that has a dedicated IP address, RAM and storage, etc. You can install your favorite frameworks. You can run anything you want. In short, you are a root user and you can do anything.

Now next question is should you go for VPS hosting?

So the answer is what are your needs? There is the following scenario when you should switch to VPS hosting.

High traffic

As you know, Shared hosting shares server resources with other users. So if your website receives a huge amount of visitors every day, then you should think about VPS hosting because this high traffic would affect other users’ website’s performance. In this situation, you may get an email notification from the hosting provider.

High CPU usage

Any web app that requires high CPU usage should be hosted on VPS or a dedicated server. In shared hosting, such apps can’t perform well because the CPU is shared.

Excessive bandwidth usage

Especially, video hosting or file-sharing websites consume very high bandwidth. So if your web app comes inside such type of category then you should move on to VPS.


You can’t store much more files in shared hosting. Either you can use VPS or go for object storage.


You don’t want neighbors to affect your web app or website performance. VPS isolates your resources RAM, storage, IP, etc.

Except for the above scenario, if you are a developer and want to learn or do some experiment, then of course you can go for a VPS.

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