What is Keybase ? Why you should use it ?

Keybase is a end to end messaging and file sharing service for all the platforms. You can use Keybase to chat, collaborate as well as to share files, photos and videos etc. There are many more services that Keybase provides such as Git, personal web page, crypto wallet etc.

Why you should use Keybase ?

Keybase provides many services which can be beneficial for our daily life.


Keybase use your social media ID to create a strong Keybase identify for you. You can use your Keybase identity to exchange a secure or encrypted information. You can use your Keybase Identify as a about me page.

Cloud Storage

Keybase provides cloud storage for its users. It is known as Keybase FileSystem. Individuals can use upto 250 GB online storage whereas team can store data about 100 GB. Your stored data is encrypted on the cloud. So, you don’t have to worry about data leakes.

End to End Chat or Messaging

Keybase provides End to End chat and messaging. You can chat with the respective person securely. End to End means, even the owner company cannot read your chats.


Keybase allows you to have as many repositories as you want. Your total repositories size limit should be less then 100 GB.


You can create a crypto wallet to store stellar lumen coins. You can create multiple wallets.

Keybase Sites

You can host your personal webpage on Keybase. You can only host static sites. However, you can use Jekyll to host your blog on Keybase.


If you are working with teams then you can use Keybase for Teams. However you can use Keybase teams to create a group for friends, families, classmates etc.