Things to keep remember when buying a new Domain Name

Are you thinking of buying a new domain? If yes, then you are here in the right place. Before buying a new domain name, first you should know some aspects about domain name so that after buying you don’t get into the trouble or missed out some important feature or service.

1. DNS hosting

Just like web hosting, there is a hosting for domain names called DNS hosting. Your registrar must offer DNS hosting in order to manage all the DNS records. However, all except a few registrars offer this function without charge. If this service is not offered with your domain, you must purchase it from another registrar.

2. Renewal Price

Many domain registrars offer attractive discounts on domain names for the first year of registration. However, it is important for new domain buyers to consider not only the initial registration price but also the renewal rate. the Domain’s renewal price may turn out to be significantly more expensive for you. Therefore, it is essential to carefully examine the renewal price before buying a domain.

3. Whois Privacy

Domain whois contains the contact information of the domain owner. Except for a few registrars, almost all offer free domain whois privacy. Therefore it is advisable to check whether a domain registrar offers free Whois privacy before purchasing a domain.

4. Short and rememberable

When choosing a domain name, you should consider its memorability and it is recommended to avoid very long and complex words. Visitors love to type short and easy domain names. Most visitors come to site from search engines or social media. To visit your site again, they must remember your domain.

5. Don’t go for a trademark domain

Before you buy a domain, it’s a good idea to do some research. You should be clear that name used in domain is not a trademark name. Avoid using these domain names.