Top 5 open source Android apps

Whether you are a experienced developer or beginner, you can use open source mobile apps to modify them and use them.

You can find the top 10 open source mobile apps below :-

1. Keybase

Keybase is a messaging app which provides several other exciting features such as file storing, git, webpage etc. This is a open source app created in react native.

source code :

2. Telegram

Telegram is also an online instant messaging and chat app like Whatsapp. But difference is that it is open source.

source code :

3. Termux

Termux provides Linux environment on your pocket mobile.

source code :

4. Wikipedia

I am sure you all know Wikipedia very well. For every knowledge, your are using this and this is also a open-source app.

source code :

5. OpenKeychain

OpenKeychain allows you to encrypt message, files etc. Actually, it provides all the cryptographic functions which you can use on any file or message.

source code :

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