What is Hosting and its types

After you’ve created a web page, the next step is to host it on the server so that other people can access it. We’ll also discuss hosting types which help you to choose select hosting suitable for your business or your blog.

What is Hosting ?

Hosting is the process of placing a web page or website on the server where it will be accessible from public.

Hosting types

Hosting can be divided into the following types:-

Shared hosting

When you purchase a shared hosting, your website will be hosted on a shared server. In shared server , several user’s websites are hosted on single server.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As its name implies, It is a virtual server. When a single server is divided into multiple servers , then it is called VPS . A VPS has its own RAM , storage , CPU and IP. VPS hosting is expensive then Shared hosting . It provides you root access means you can use however you want.

Dedicated hosting

In Dedicated hosting , you own the whole server. Means a complete physical server is yours. And no doubt, it may be very expensive depending upon provider. Prices may vary due to RAM , storage , bandwidth etc.

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