Who is right ? Thiest vs Atheist

Argument between Theist and Atheist are not new. Everyone mindset are not same. So they causing conflict.

We will discuss who is right Theist or Atheist?

Theist is a person who believes in the existence of a supernatural power such as God, Gods, deities etc.

On the other hand Atheist believes what they see. In other words, they never see Gods and other supernatural beings thus don’t believe it.

Now, we will discuss about our topic. Universe is very large. Actually Universe is infinite. Some says we only discover only 5% on Universe. But some says we can’t find the percentage of infinite thing. So we can say that we doesn’t know anything about Universe yet. We don’t know much about dimensions. In math, to find the value of x, we first believe that there is a value of x. If you believe on science, remember that even science could not find Universe secrets. Even we could not find the secrets of a human DNA. So how we can say that something is exist or not. I leave it up to you what you are thinking who is right.

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