What would happen if internet speed becomes 100GB per second

I was reading a Facebook post that claims internet speed in NASA is 91GB per second. When I searched on the internet found that it is true

But everyone could not go to NASA just to browse the internet. What could happen when everyone can browse the internet at the speed of 100GB per second. So let’s deep dive.

Suppose your internet speed is 100GB per second and you want to download a file or game having a size of almost 100GB. According to calculations, you can download it in just one second. But wait, here only your internet speed doesn’t matter. What about the server from where you are downloading files or games. The server’s internet speed also matters. If Server’s internet speed is 10mbps then your downloading would take almost 170 mins.

Except for the server’s speed, there is also one roadblock that is disk read/write speed. NVME SSD read/write speed is almost 3.5 Gbps. So downloading a 100GB game with 100gbps speed would take more than 1 minute.

We’ve seen that 100 Gbps speed is not enough. To fully utilize 100GB speed, upgraded resources are also needed.

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